I am an Integrative Health Coach teaching wellness, nutrition, positive mindset, and essential oils. A few simple changes can help you create a life you love!  Over the past few years, I have found a few simple things I could do in my everyday activities to create self-reliance and balance while enjoying whole foods and self-care.  I would love to help you learn how to incorporate
these tools into your life.  By taking baby steps, you can create a life
you love and find joy every day.

My Story

I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom meeting the needs of my family.  For the past 10 years, my heart and passion have turned to wellness.  I wanted to create the best opportunities for my family and show them a better way.  Creating self-reliance and going back to basics will sustain us for years. I have come to the conclusion you pay for your health on one end or the other.  I choose to be proactive!  Every day, we get to decide how much we move our bodies, how much we love ourselves, what we call nutrition, and what products we use in our home.  I have come to understand that the little choices do matter and they all add up to make a huge difference. I am a certified health coach through "The Institute of Integrative nutrition."  By empowering women through self-care, real food, and essential oils I feel the world will become a better place.  Women have influence over many and when we know better we do better.  Is there something you would like to change to create more wellness in your life? I would love to have you join me on this incredible journey.

My Family

For the past 31 years, I have been married to the love of my life and best friend, Scott.  The best part about him is he loves me for who I am and supports me fully on empowering others.  He tries my quirky recipes and waits patiently for his dinner while I run with his plate to the other room for a photo.  He also allows me to apply essential oils to his feet and back and believes they always work better when applied by someone else.  We have been blessed with four beautiful daughters who all live close by.  For the most part, they too have embraced my quirkiness, and I see them taking on some of my characteristics. They love tasting my creations and experimenting in the kitchen with me.  We work together to create a healthy environment for everyone. Between them, we have eight beautiful grandchildren who light up our lives.  We often speak of real food and how to keep our bodies healthy.  We use essential oils to keep ourselves well and have fun teaching others about them.

I enjoy gardening, quilting, reading, biking and long soaks in the tub with doTERRA essential oils of course!

Robyn Mitchell - My Family