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Get UNSTUCK with Kickstart Sessions

Go deep, get clear about what VIBRANT HEALTH looks like for you, and work with me to make a plan to get you there... WITHOUT committing to a full private coaching program.

90 Minute Discovery & Planning Session


Learn specific steps you can take right now to get unstuck and begin uncovering the energetic and full-of-life “you." We’ll map out a 3-month plan, and you’ll be on your way to make it happen. (Transformations happen in this 90-minute call alone – you’ll be amazed at how much we can get done.)

30 Minute Check In Call & Plan Refresh


Then, we’ll follow up with a second call about THREE MONTHS LATER. (Or whenever you like in that three month period. Totally up to you.) We’ll celebrate how far you’ve come in three months and course correct if necessary.

Celebrate, Motivate, & Get Inspired!


By the time we finish your second call, you'll be pumped about how far you've come in just three months and motivated to keep going. If, however, you decide you'd like additional support from me, I've got your back. Just ask.

Option 1

$399 One Time

Option 2

225 2x Monthly Installments

Happy thoughts from my nutrition clients

Robyn has taught me that it's not about trying to break out of old habits. It's about building new foundational habits that eventually replace the bad with the good. It's a lifestyle, not a race!